GRC can be shaped into just about anything you can imagine, offering endless versatility as you customise the components to suit the speci c needs of your project.

It is strong yet lightweight, making it easier and cheaper to manage, while still providing the durability of other precast materials.

GRC is an environmentally friendly material that consumes less energy and is constructed from naturally occurring raw materials. The composite is based on natural earth oxides generally considered safe for the environment. The wash water used during manufacturing is alkaline and is typically stored in settlement tanks and not released through drainage.

The weathering characteristics of GRC are as good as any precast material and better than any semi-dry material. Unlike traditional reinforced cement, GRC is not at risk of corrosion and does not require further maintenance. The components of GRC can be specially formulated for greater protection and durability, with a wide range of specialised products available that offer additional resistance to impact, weather, water, chemicals and re.

GRC’s combination of strength and exibility means designers can create lighter, thinner structures that are tough but easy to handle.GRC is a high impact strength material with a strength-to-weight ratio superior to most other materials. The glass bre has a tensile strength 3 to 4 times greater than the equivalent steel bre and GRC’S compressive strength is better than normal cement. Typically manufactured to a thickness of 10mm, GRC panels are generally 80% lighter than precast concrete, making them easier and cheaper to handle with reduced transport costs and less reliance on scaffolding or heavy cranes.

GRC offers unrivalled creativity with the ability to accurately reproduce any small or large design, including intricate patterns, complex shapes and sweeping curves. The material can be nished in a wide variety of textures and colours, giving designers greater control over the surface detail and quality of nish.


  • External Fascia Panel
  • Sun Screen & Roof
  • Interior Feature & Decorative Wall & Cornice
  • Window & Door Feature
  • Benches, Bollards, Signage’s status & Fountain
  • Ability to reproduce ne surface detail
  • Light weight materials
  • Ability to mould various shapes
  • Substitute material to r c precase concrete syst
  • Higher strength & provide cavity for insulation & MEP service


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